How To Detect Fake Honey – It Is Everywhere – Use THIS Simple Trick

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Honey is the most natural and healthy product made from the bees. They work all day to make something amazing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake /misleading advertising that makes people think whatever honey they buy is a pure one.

The truth is, a lot of honey products in the market has been through numerous alteration and contain chemical substance to lower the price.

According to a public research study conducted by food safety news, up to 76 percent of all honey available in the market has been subjected to a process called ultra-filtration. Unfortunately, other than eliminating impurities like wax traces, the filtration process also remove the pollen in honey.

According to the manufacturers, the filtration process is necessary to prevent crystallizing and extend the shelf life of the product. However, customers do not know that actually, pollen is very important and provide a lot of benefits to our bodies.

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