How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Your House And Yard –

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Nobody likes mosquitoes. And why would they? These irritating tiny creatures don’t just bite human skin and suck blood but also lead to serious diseases. Have you ever thought, why are mosquitoes so dangerous?

Why are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

While male mosquitoes do not bother you as they feed on plant juice and nectar, the female mosquitoes are what you should be wary about as they survive on human blood. It’s not just the itchiness and uncomfortable feeling of scratching the tiny bumps on your skin left by mosquito bites. It is the diseases that these mosquito bites bring along themselves that make these mosquitoes dangerous. Some of these are even deadly diseases.

Mosquitoes can give you Malaria. This is a disease mostly prevalent in Africa, Asia and Americas. Due to the malaria parasites inside the human red blood cells, malaria displays symptoms such as fever with chills and headache. In severe cases, patient goes into coma and then dies if proper treatment is not provided in the very first stages of malaria.

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