How To Slow Down The Heart In 1 Minute Only!

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The feeling is very uncomfortable and we all want to stop as soon as possible.

Most people have experienced an increased heartbeat due to stress or for no particular reason?

It is a common phenomenon that occurs equally in men and women of all ages.

How To Slow Down The Heart In 1 Minute Only!

A method with cold water

You need cold water, so fill the bowel with water with many ice cubes.

All you need to do when you have increased heartbeat is to take a deep breath and dive your face in the cold water and to stay as long as you can.

This procedure stimulates your vagus nerve which is acting on slowing down the heart rate. When your face is in the cold water the body sends a signal to slow down the metabolism known as the “diving reflex”, which will rapidly slow your heart rate down. It’s the same reflex that helps some people to survive a long period in cold water due to slowing their metabolism down.

Source: healthyandnaturallife

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