If You See A Penny Placed In Your Car Door Handle, THIS Is What It Means!

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Car thieves are constantly attempting to find new schemes for getting into your car to steal your valuables. You might have heard reports of tech devices utilized to enter your car. In any case, some thieves are utilizing a less complex technique

There has been a rash of robberies utilizing, of all things, a penny or nickel! How are they utilizing a coin to enter your car? Whether your car is sitting in your driveway or a lot when you are shopping, the thief slides a nickel or penny in the door handle of the passenger side.

They follow you to wherever you are going. Though you try to use your key for central locking it will not work, in light of the fact that the passenger car door is stuck. They then will have the capacity to get into your car and steal anything they want, including the car itself, if they have the practical expertise.

So, you have to check the passenger car door handle before entering your car, to verify that no coin has been inserted. Thieves have additionally been known to hide in the back to carjack you with this method! So it would be best to check the back seat, or even call 911 if the thief has climbed into your trunk… Better safe than sorry!

For more information on how to keep a car robbery, watch the video below, to see how thieves are utilizing the “slider” strategy to steal your valuables amid you are pumping gas at a gas station. It offers you preventative methods on how to avoid this scary thievery. Information is power!

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