Is Homosexuality Really A Mental Health Disorder?

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The success of ‘The Imitation Game’ at the box office in India was not surprising, considering our large population of tech geeks and IT enthusiasts. But, while the movie explored the genius of Allan Turing (mathematician, codebreaker, and pioneer of computer science), it also shed light on the victimization of homosexuals across the world.

Homosexuality is still a controversial subject in many parts, giving rise to questions such as, is homosexuality a mental health disorder, and if so why does it occur and how can we treat it?

Traditional Attitudes Towards Homosexuality

“In the ‘so called’ civilized world too, homosexuals and lesbians have been discriminated against and victimized, until very recently”

Most cultures have a history of being conservative and intolerant to non-conformists, especially in the context of sexuality. 

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