The Legend of a Rescued Finger – Amazing Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

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Eucalyptus is part of  a genus of woody plants that includes about 700 species of evergreen trees.

It came from Australia, even though it is grown all around the world today.

Australia’s aboriginal communities had known about the healing properties of eucalyptus oil from ancient times and later passed the knowledge to European migrants.

The evidence of it can be found in a folk tale about an English migrant who almost cut his thumb with an ax.

His father who was experienced in native medicine covered his finger with eucalyptus leaves.

Later his thumb was healed without stitches, which showed that Aborigines knew very well why they were using eucalyptus in treating all kinds of wounds.

The doctor who later examined the boy’s finger was amazed how his thumb healed so fast without any signs of infection.

Similar stories were spread around Australia so certain doctors began to extract eucalyptus oil in the early 19th century.

Joseph Bosisto, a pharmacist, was the first who had a plan to start commercial eucalyptus oil production in 1852.

Very soon, first drops of Eucalyptus radiata were distilled in the oil distillery near Melbourne.

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