Lip colour – Have one for every day and see it lift up your mood

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No matter how you feel every day, your lip colour can be the perfect channel to express your mood.

From the monotony of Mondays to freedom guaranteed on Fridays, one can lift up the moods with lip shades each day of the week.

“Today’s modern woman understands completely what a vibrant bold mouth is all about and what it does to elevate her mood, amplify desire and leave a lasting impression,” said make-up artist Elton J Fernandez of Maybelline, New York.

“The strength of a colour adds layers to our lives and dramatic dimension to people and places. A great lip colour can boost your confidence and uplift your mood,” Fernandez said.

“It’s a creative extension of how you feel, letting you communicate the unspoken. Go conquer the world with the right lip colour and let your lips do the talking,” he added.

Give expression to your emotions with a dash of colour as Fernandez has listed tips on how women can make their week beautiful with lipstick.

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