List Of Foods That Help You Poop

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What Foods Help You Poop?

  • Why Food Matters
  • Eat Lots Of Fiber-Rich Food
  • Leave The Skin On
  • Benefit From Resistant Starch
  • In A Hurry? Drink Up

If you are battling constipation, your best bet is to opt for fiber-rich foods and increase your fluid intake. Foods that work as natural laxatives include berries, unpeeled apples or pears, avocado, leafy greens, squash, whole-grain cereals, brown rice, and rye bread. Top it off with resistant starches found in foods like cooked and cooled potatoes or green bananas.

There’s no pretty way to say it: constipation is the worst. And whether you call it irregular bowel movements or pooping trouble, constipation problems are all the same. There’s usually an inability to “go” regularly along with extra effort and straining. Luckily, the remedy might be as easy as changing your diet!

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