Magnesium, NOT Calcium, Is the Key to Healthy Bones! 

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It’s commonly known that consummation of foods rich with calcium can improve our bones health and density. However, recent studies showed that calcium is only one of the needed minerals that our bodies require to build healthy and solid bones.

According to the study, the real key for healthier and stronger bones is magnesium. This mineral is commonly found in the seeds of sesame, basil, spinach, broccoli, and sunflowers.


Calcium research

It’s scientifically proven that increased amounts of calcium, particularly use of calcium supplements, will increase the risk of heart attack, especially in women. According to the NFO (National Osteoporosis Foundation), supplements of calcium are poor substitute for dietary calcium. High intake of these supplements is associated to kidney stones and other health problems.

The calcium carbonate found in pasteurized milk and calcium supplements is very difficult to digest without the help of agent like citric acid.

Magnesium Research

A study made by the Baylor College of Medicine, focused on the intake and absorption of magnesium in children. The shocking result was that magnesium was “responsible” for healthy bone density, and overall bone mineral content. Researchers said that Instead of calcium, dietary magnesium intake can be very important factor in creation of bone mineral content in kids.

Another report from the University of Memphis said that magnesium intake is not important only for children, but for elderly people, too.

Dietary magnesium ideal ratio

The ideal ratio between magnesium and calcium is 1:1.  Nowadays, common daily diet contains ten times more calcium than magnesium. This is something you must consider and change. Seeds, cacao, any kind of nuts, and green leafy vegetables are rich with magnesium. Also, Epsom salt is very beneficial, because it’s made from magnesium sulfate. Next time when you take a hot bath, be sure to add some Epsom salt into your bath.

Source: Best Healthy Guide

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