Man Has 420 Kidney Stones Removed In One Operation – The Doctor Says His Love Of TofuIs The Reason To Blame

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A Chinese man, had 420 kidney stones removed from his body. The reason for the kidney stones – tofu.

After the operation, the 55-year old man said that he ate tofu on a daily basis and drank very little water.The doctors said that this is what caused his kidney stones.

The man went to the doctor, experiencing severe abdominal pain. A CT scan found that his kidney was packed full of stones.

Man Has 420 Kidney Stones Removed In One Operation - The Doctor Says His Love Of TofuIs The Reason To Blame

Because the stones left him unable to urinate, the man was booked for an operation immediately.

Dr. Wei, the surgeon who treated the man, said he was surprised by the amount of kidney stones.

“I have never seen so many stones before. The operation took less than two hours, of which 45 minutes were used to remove the stones.” – Said Dr. Wei.

At the end of the operation, the doctor was shocked to see at least 420 kidney stones, in the plate, of varying sizes and colored green and yellow. “At the end of the operation I realized my arms and legs were numb.” – Said Dr. Wen.

“These didn’t include the tiny rice sized stones that were taken out using specialist suction equipment and these numbered over 100.” – He continued.

According to Dr. Wei, bean-based products, often contain a high level of calcium and this can easily lead to kidney stones, as a result of excessive consumption.

Not drinking enough water, causes the calcium to quickly build up inside the body.

The man had previously experienced pain 20 years ago, and was treated for more than 10 kidney stones with lithotripsy. A lithotripsy is a technique that uses shockwaves to break up the stones into small pieces, which are then passed out in urine.

However, during the last two years, the pain he experienced was so unbearable, that in the last two months, he couldn’t be physically active.

His family have said they will make sure that he won’t continue eating tofu in the same volumes as previously.

Source: Natural Medicine Box

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