Mix These 3 Herbs & Apply It On Your Cracked Dark Lips – Be Amazed With The Results!

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No matter what the weather is, thanks to the strong air-conditioner, we are exposed to constantly, our lips end up looking chapped, dry and dark most of the time. And chapstick can help only so much, which is why we’ve curated these tips on how to get rid of dark lips fast!

Unlike your entire body, your lips do not have any sweat glands. No sweat glands means no moisture, which is why your lips tend to dry out faster.

Also, your lips are constructed of 4 to 5 cellular layers, whereas your body skin consists of 16 layers, which is why your lips are thin.

And as you age, the collagen count of your body, a protein that determines the youthfulness of your skin, breaks down further making your lips thin!

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