Natural Remedies to Regularize the Menstrual Cycle

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An irregular period is a common problem among women. There are many irregular periods’ symptoms like painful cramping, infrequent periods, missed periods, abnormal duration of bleeding, blood clots and changes in blood flow.

These specific symptoms immensely help to determine if irregular periods are occurring.


Carrot Juice

One of the most well known home remedies for irregular periods should include carrot juice. Raw carrots improve the functions of hormones. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K, potassium, molybdenum, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, niacin, manganese, phosphorous, folate, copper, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E and iron. The presence of iron in carrot juice helps to improve menstrual cycle problems.

Daily eating of carrots helps to repair the cellular structure of the epidermis which gives us protection from UV rays and it decreases the clustering of melanin granules that reduce brown spots and pigmentation. It gives us healthy skin by decreasing sebum production and also lowers the problems of acne. Include carrot juice in the diet and drink two glasses of carrot juice for three months. A slight improvement will be noticed in menstrual cycle problem after three weeks.


The most effective irregular period’s home remedy should include ginger. It is highly beneficial in regulating women period cycle and also reduces menstrual pain. It is rich in Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, copper and manganese. Ginger improves the absorption of extremely essential nutrients in the body. According to researchers regular intake of ginger tea increases a man’s sperm count.

The presence of manganese in ginger helps to lower the risks of cancer, stroke, heart disease and infertility. At first boil two tea spoons of freshly ground ginger in one cup of water for 10 minutes. Then add a little sugar to it. Drink the mixture four times a day after meals until you reach the desired results.

Pumpkin Seeds

The most effective remedies for irregular periods should include pumpkin seeds. As pumpkin seeds help balance the hormones, they are useful in regulating the menstrual cycle. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, protein and essential fatty acids. The presence of essential fatty acids in pumpkin seeds help to promote the production of the hormone. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc that is the most critical trace mineral for male sexual function.

At first dry roast a handful of pumpkin seeds. Then grind them along with two tea spoons of jaggery into a fine powder. Take two teaspoons of this powder regularly on an empty stomach during the second half of your menstrual cycle (two weeks before the period starts). Repeat this remedy until you reach the desired results.

Aloe Vera

The most effective treatment for irregular periods must include aloe vera. The yellow substance found under the skin of the aloe vera plant helps to lower the problems of irregular periods. It promotes menstruation and also increases fertility among women. Aloe Vera gel can be utilized to heal wounds, and it contains in it the plant collagen which immensely helps to repair the skin.

Aloe vera is rich in amino acids, salicyclic acid, folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. At first extract aloe vera gel from an aloe vera leaf. Add one tea spoon of honey to the aloe vera gel. Consume this regularly before having the breakfast. Repeat this remedy until you reach the desired results.

Grape Juice

The most effective home remedies for irregular period’s problem should include grape juice. Grape juice is very effective in regulating the monthly periods. Grape fruit is a great source of copper, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, pantothenic acid, pectin, potassium, fiber and Vitamin B. The presence of a flavonoid named naringin in grape fruit regulates enzyme activity in the liver.

Pectin helps to remove harmful toxins from the body. The presence of Vitamin C in grape fruit helps to increase collagen production. Drinking a glass of grape juice for two weeks before the commencement of the periods reduces chances of missing them and also aids in their regulation.


Unripe papaya is considered useful in regulating the menstrual cycle. It works as a good emmenagogue and aids in proper contraction of muscles fibers of the uterus. It is especially beneficial for irregular periods associated with stress and menopause. Papaya is rich in Vitamin C, carotenes, folate, potassium, pantothenic acid, B vitamins, magnesium, copper and fiber.

Regular eating of papaya prevents cancer, diabetes, asthma, stroke and also improves bone health. Drink unripe papaya juice daily for a couple of months until you reach the desired results. Avoid consuming the same when having the periods.


Turmeric is considered useful in regulating menstruation and balancing the levels of hormones. It works as a good emmenagogue and its emmenagogue properties aid in stimulating the menstrual flow. Its anti inflammatory properties also help you in relieving menstrual pain. Turmeric is rich in sodium, Vitamin B6, insoluble fiber, fatty acids and amino acids.

Turmeric is used for stomach pain, heart burns, arthritis, diarrhea, stomach bleeding, intestinal gas, jaundice, loss of appetite, gallbladder disorders and liver problems. It is also used for bronchitis, lung functions, colds, headaches, leprosy, cancer, kidney disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Take one cup of turmeric with honey and milk. Take it regularly for a few months until you see the desired improvement.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds can be included in a healthy diet for treating irregular menstrual periods. It acts as a strong emmenagogue. It promotes menstruation and its anti inflammatory properties also help you in relieving menstrual pain and abdominal cramps. It aids in balancing female sex hormones.

At first soak one table spoon of fennel seeds in one glass of water for 8 hours. After eight hours stain the solution and drink it. Repeat this remedy until the irregular periods become regular.


Yoga can help ease the infrequency and symptoms of the menstrual periods in various ways. The best yoga postures for irregular periods are Paschimottanasana, Ardha Chandrasana and Janu Sirshasana. If you struggle with abdominal pains and cramps associated with menstrual periods, you can utilize the poses like head-to-knee pose and reclining bound angle pose.

Source: inlifehealthcare

Apply the above-mentioned natural home remedies to reduce the symptoms of irregular periods and don’t forget to share this healthy tips with your friends and family.

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