A natural remedy for allergy is opposite of the plan currently promoted by Western medicine:

Allergy Treatment using Allopathic (Western) Medicine Protocol:

  • Identify offending substances by allergy testing and food sensitivity diaries
  • Focus on the allergens. Discuss with the patient the requirement to avoid allergens (offending substances)
  • Prescribe corticosteroids/antihistamines (or leukotriene inhibitors) to chemically calm down the body’s response to allergens and deaden the body’s reactions to the offending substances which produces a lessening of symptoms
  • “Educate” the patient into believing that if symptoms disappear then they are “cured”. Tout the treatment as a success when symptoms subside, all the while the person’s weak immune system limps along…. setting the person up for more serious immune rooted ailments, such as cancer, or autoimmune disorders.