Everyone knows how critical protein is for the body. We can live without starches, but we certainly can’t live long without protein. A byproduct (a waste product) of protein metabolism is uric acid.

When the kidneys are functioning poorly, they do a poor job of getting rid of uric acid. It just doesn’t build up in the blood, it settles in the joints, and accumulates in the joint fluid.

When the fluid becomes so saturated with uric acid, it crystallizes and then inflammation begins to try and protect the joint from the jagged edged crystals.

Allergy Treatment using Holistic (Natural) Medicine Protocol:

  • Educate the patient into understanding that the “allergens” are not the focus, but their body’s overactive response to the allergen or allergens. Empower the patient to understand the important role of the immune system and how important it is to strengthen the natural immune response instead of deadening it with chemicals that merely mask the symptoms. Explain to the patient that the immune system responses (symptoms) that they are experiencing are the signals that lead us to understand that they are at a heightened risk for developing more serious immune mediated diseases, most of which are not curable, only manageable.