You probably have this in your garden but you didn’t know it can cure baldness and rheumatism!

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This widely used plant called Ros maris or rosemary was dedicated to the Aphrodite goddess by the ancient Greeks. But, did you know that it can be used to treat numerous illnesses and problems? It can even cure baldness and rheumatism!

A recent research claims that rosemary acts as a powerful antioxidant and prevents premature aging. It is abundant in flavonoids, compounds which strengthen your blood vessels, stimulate the blood flow, and improve circulation. Rosemary is also excellent for treating headaches, stimulating your hair growth and improving memory.

A group of scientists conducted a study in 1995 and it focused on the properties rosemary possesses. They managed to prove that the plant is a great diuretic, so it’s ideal for liver detoxification. It is also a potent anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant agent, so it’s perfect for those with throat, nose, and ear infections, as well as bronchitis.

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