Read the Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Women. It Can Help Save Yourself or Women You Care About

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Did you know that symptoms of a heart attack in women are different than in men? Men instantly feel the pain in the chest, while it’s more silent in women. This is seriously a big problem so it’s important to know the symptoms to warn you and get proper medical help immediately.

Among the common symptoms of a woman having a heart attack are the following:

1. Chest Pain

If men suffer pain when having a heart attack, women feel it quite slow and manageable. A sore chest, either of the side, can indicate a problem in the arteries near the coronary. It’s important that you stop whatever you’re doing when you feel this kind of pain or it becomes worse.

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2. Shortness of Breath

Heart attack occurs when you least expect it. But among the symptoms of a heart attack in women include difficulty in breathing. If you easily get tired or start having shortness of breath without any reason at all, then you may are prone to that condition.

3. Nausea

There’ll be also nausea and lightheadedness when you’re about to have heart attack. However, this symptom is also a sign of many diseases. But if you have other symptoms aside from this then it can be a heart problem.

4. Pain in the Back and Neck

Women may feel slight and slow pain in the chest. This isn’t the only part that can cause sore feeling. It can occur in the jaw, neck, back, and arms too. This should be easily figured out if you didn’t do anything prior to it. Otherwise, it may just be a muscle pain due to heavy lifting, running, or any type of movement. This is usually among the heart attack symptoms in women over 50.

Symptoms of a heart attack in women

5. Stomach Pain

Pain in the belly is a very common symptom that indicates a variety of conditions. It can be stomach ulcer, constipation, poor metabolism, or heart attack.

6. Fatigue

It’s not unobvious to say fatigue has something to do with heart attack. Women can be at risk of this condition if they feel extremely tired and happen more frequently. It’s a bigger problem if it happens while you’re not doing much anything.

If one or more of these symptoms of a heart attack in women occur, do the right thing. Here are what you need to do or avoid.

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1. Get Help

It’s really important to get medical help right away. Heart attack can happen in an instant. You should not take it as just a common tiredness or over fatigue. You either call the nearest hospital and have an ambulance fetch you or request a friend to drive you to that place. Just don’t drive because when this strikes you can suffer more than just a heart attack.

2. List Down the Time and Date You Feel the Symptoms

This is to give you awareness that it’s probably not just over fatigue or flu. Plus, a record like that can help when you go meet a doctor. It’s easier for you to recall the times you suffer some aches in the chest, among others.

Learning these symptoms of a heart attack in women may just help save your life in the future. You must be aware of them and take this health condition a serious matter.

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