5 Reasons Women Struggle To Lose Weight

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Why Cant I Lose Weight

Who doesn’t love stronger, fitter and thinner versions of themselves? We all do, but when it comes to us women, everyone has wondered why women can’t lose weight easily. It is because we are genetically hardwired NOT to lose weight? Why do most women echo the same thing”: Why can’t I lose weight?

If you are one of those women too who are finding it really hard to lose weight, then this is the right article for you. We have delved into some of the common reasons why we find it a little harder to get rid of those extra pounds.

Sometimes You Go Overboard With Healthy Food

We all know that they key to losing weight is in simple mathematics. If you are burning more calories than what you are consuming, you will be losing those pounds. In order to achieve that goal, most of us start eating healthy. But what happens when you have more of that healthy food? You guessed it right- You will not lose weight!

All those nuts and avocados are no doubt filled with good fats but not controlling the portion size will actually lead to more troubles. Concentrate on the serving sizes to ensure that you are having the right amount of calories.

You Have A Sluggish Thyroid

Many of you are blissfully unaware that you might have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). When this happens, it will severely disrupt your metabolism and you may find it much harder to lose weight. There might be other associated problems too like fatigue and hair loss and the best treatment would be to get your thyroid fixed. It becomes much easier to regulate weight once that is done.

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PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Might Be Wreaking Havoc With Your System

Another one of the common problems that most women suffer from but are unaware of, PCOS wreaks havoc with your hormones and there is a prevalence of male hormones in your system. As such, you might gain weight suddenly and might find it harder to get rid of. Consult your doctor when you see male pattern balding, or you might feel that you are getting a lot of acne and there is inexplicable weight gain. It might be an onset of PCOS.

why women cants lose weight

You Are Not Sleeping Enough

The key to losing weight in a healthy fashion is to get enough sleep. If you are exercising a lot, your muscles need a lot of recovery time. As such, you need sleep for at least 8 hours for proper recovery. Even in case of non-exercising adults, a good night’s sleep is essential and crucial for the proper functioning of the body.

Some Of Your Medication Can Be Blamed

Any kind of pills that we have might have a side effect and as such, we may end up gaining weight. Certain allergies which require steroids might lead to unnecessary weight gain. In such a case, you should go visit your doctor and ask them for another medicine which can be an alternative to your prescribed one. If not, you will have to be extra careful of what you are eating and the amount of exercise you get each day.

why is it harder for women to lose weight

Skipping Breakfast

The cardinal sin when it comes to not losing weight is skipping breakfast. They say that the heaviest meal of the day should be your breakfast because this is how the body fuels and prepares itself for the day. To jumpstart your metabolism, it is essential that you get the right amount of breakfast. Many studies have in fact found that people who have breakfast regularly are the ones who lose weight.

why women cant lose weight

Now, if you are wondering why as a woman you are finding it hard to lose weight, then you may be guilty of the above reasons! Make sure you follow a healthy diet and a right kind of lifestyle for being your fittest self

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