Reduce Snoring with a Simple Juice

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Sleeping posture and obesity, may cause snoring, so the best way to stop snoring is to lose weight. Alcohol consumption, especially before bedtime, increases airway obstruction and cause a higher probability for snoring. You should also avoid eating the following foods (known to increase the intensity of snoring) late in the evening: fried foods, heavy floury foods, excessive alcohol, processed foods and dairy products.

One of the things that contributes to snoring is excess mucous. If you can lessen the amount of mucous that builds up in the throat and nasal passengers, you will free up the airways which can reduce or maybe even prevent someone from snoring altogether. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by juicing.

How to reduce snoring naturally

Simple Juice Recipe To Eliminate Snoring

2 Apples

2 Carrots

1/4 of a Lemon

1″ knuckle of Ginger

Preparation: Blend them together and drink it a few hours bedtime to eliminate snoring.

Source: curejoy

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