Reduce Your Anxiety And Panic Attacks With These Home Remedies

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Today, we will be discussing the home remedies for anxiety. So let’s start with the most common symptoms that are signals of anxiety in a person.

Signs of anxiety

The common symptoms of anxiety are,

Types of anxiety

There are several types of anxiety. Let us discuss a few:

In this type of anxiety, people places and situations because they fear these will cause panic in them. They feel trapped or embarrassed most of the time.

The symptoms of anxiety caused by a serious physical health problem include intense panic.

Constant state of worry about things mundane and routine. The panic is out of proportion and is very tough to control. This disorder also makes you feel weak, physically. It usually is a symptom of depression.

This includes recurring periods of intense anxiety, where within minutes the terror reaches a peak. The symptoms of this disorder include shortness of breath, chest pain, heart palpitations among others.

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