Reduce Your Risk of Cancer, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure By Drinking Water in THIS Way

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The consumption of water in the morning on an empty stomach is becoming a popular trend in Japan. Many scientific studies have shown this ritual to be very beneficial for our overall health.

Today we are going to present you an ancient Japanese water treatment extremely effective against many diseases. It is absolutely effective in the treatment of these diseases:
Drinking Water

–         Arthritis

–         Cardiovascular diseases

–         Body aches

–         Headaches

–         Asthma

–         Bronchitis

–         Obesity

–         Epilepsy

–         Diarrhea

–         Gastritis

–         Vomiting

–         Kidney diseases

–         Meningitis

–         TB

–         Throat, ear and nose disorders

–         Menstrual disorders

–         Eye diseases

–         Constipation

–         Diabetes

Practice Guideline for the Treatment

1.Consume 4 glasses of water every morning when you wake up before you brush the teeth

2.Do not consume nothing for 45 min after you wash up and brusk your teeth

3.You may eat breakfast after these 45min

4.After you have been eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner, do not drink or eat anything for 2h

5.You can begin with smaller amount of water if you can not drink 4 glasses of water and day by day increase the amount until you reach 4 glasses

6.Treatment is guaranteed to make you feel better if you suffer from nay of the diseases that we’ve mentioned above. It will make you feel more energetic if you are generally healthy.

Here is a list of how long you should follow the process according to your diseases

–         People who suffer from arthritis should follow the treatment for 3 days and can start doing it every day from the second week.

–         90 days – TB – visit your doctor

–         180 – cancer

–         10 days – Constipation

–         30 days – Diabetes

–         10 days – Gastritis

–         30 days – High Blood Pressure

–         There is no side effect once you start practicing this procedure, aside from frequent urination. Every person should try this easy and powerful ritual in the everyday life.

Source: My Healthy Magazine

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