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In almost 85 percent of cases, pain is not pinned since even medicine cannot see it in details. Even a magnet resonance cannot tell the details. The back pain is acute and can last for a month, but the chronic that is severe lasts more than month. This pain requires no meds, but if it is chronic, it needs remedies and tests.

Each of us has felt some similar pain in these areas. The head feels heavy; the neck is weak, and muscles have cramps.

Bad posture, heavy burdens carrying and crouched back all worsen the situation. With age or physical stress even arthritis is reached! Even light workout, bed reading, and insomnia can get in the way.

Have you felt pain so bad that you have to grab a chair or lie down? Can you sleep well at night? Every adult has felt such pain once at least in the back or neck.

This might be due to hernia disc, vertebrae, stenosis of the spine, and strained muscles. But injuries and other factors impact this.

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