Restaurants That Offer Free Kid’s Meals

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Eating out with a collection of kids can get expensive pretty fast. Although kid’s meals are usually cheaper than adult meals, that doesn’t mean you have that much money to throw around every time you don’t feel like cooking for lunch or dinner. What can you do about it if you want to save a buck on your food bill?

Luckily for families, there are a lot of restaurant choices that can help relieve the stress by offering free, meals for kids. Here are some of the best known around the US:

Top Daily Free Kid’s Meals

These restaurants all offer free kid’s meal deals every day of the week. Some are restricted to one meal per adult meal, but others offer any number of free kid’s meals with your normal adult meal, to encourage the whole family to come along for the fun and good food.

  1. Golden Corral

According to Top Restaurant Price, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets for kids under 3 are all free. This happens all day long, every day. Also, while older kid’s buffet meals aren’t free, they do get discounts up until age 13.

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