Restaurants That Offer Free Kid’s Meals

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  1. IHOP

Not all locations have this offer, but many IHOP locations offer 1 free kid’s meal with the purchase of a standard adult meal. Get in touch with your local IHOP to see if they have this deal available.

  1. Carrows

Every day after 4 PM, kids under 10 years old get to eat free. You get 1 free kid’s meal for every standard adult meal, so that makes it a lot cheaper to take the whole family out for dinner!

  1. Cici’s Pizza

The popular pizza buffet lets kids under 3 years of age enter and eat for free every day. This includes holidays, special events, and all meals throughout the day.

Top Weekly Free Kid’s Meals

While these locations don’t offer free kid’s meals every day, they do have specific days that kids can eat for free each week. If you time yourself properly, you can get a great deal on a meal out!

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