She Rubbed Garlic On Her Foot, And Then Something Unexpected Happened…

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The market is full of cosmetic products, but how many people really know what they are putting on their bodies. Anna Jimenez decided to investigate the ingredients of  the most popular cosmetic products, and to find out what is toxic and what’s not.


She got in contact with Suzanne Hall, the editor of a popular TV show, to find out some of the harmful ingredients that are contained in preparations for makeup and other products for skin care.

They discovered a variety of information during their conversation, but the craziest moment is around 2:30 minutes, when Suzanne told Anna that a few seconds later after you rubbed garlic on your feet, you will feel it in your mouth!

Anna Jimenez could not believe this, and tried it on her feet to see if it is true. She just took off her shoes , and rubbed garlic on her feet…

Source: myhealthybook

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