She Rubs Her Nose With Toothpaste And Something Amazing Happens To Her…I’m Trying This Tonight (VIDEO)

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People who have oily skin, oily hair, clogged hands or pores usually have a problem with blackheads. But they are even more common in people who consume unhealthy food or live unhealthy lifestyle. They appear when the pores are blocked by skin debris, an oily substance called sebum as well as dead skin cells.

Although these dark spots are not harmful for our health, they are still pretty irritating especially when they appear on our face. As we mentioned above, blackheads usually appear because of clogged pores or glands. When the excess sebum together with the dead skin cells clogs the pores, they make a perfect environment for the appearance of blackheads.

Luckily, you can get rid of these boring blackheads quickly and easily. Avoid using all those cosmetic facial products found on the market which do more harm than good, and try this amazing home method.


Here is how to easily solve the problem with blackheads

1. Find the right toothpaste
2. Wash your face with warm water.
First of all, you need to wash your face nicely with warm water, as you usually do. After that, put some toothpaste on the problematic area (nose or chin). Then, you should leave it for a couple of minutes to dry out. When the toothpaste dries out thoroughly, start gently massaging your skin. The massage will help you easily and painlessly remove all the blackheads from your face. When finish with the massage, you should wash your face nicely again. Another method that you should also try is to apply toothpaste on the affected area and take a piece of cloth. Put some almond oil or olive oil on the cloth and massage the affected area with it. The massage should not last more than three minutes. Then wash your face again.

3. For more effective results – add salt to the toothpaste

If you want to achieve quicker and more effective results, we suggest adding salt to your toothpaste. We advise you to use equal ratio of salt and toothpaste. If the mixture happens to be very thick, you can add some warm water in it. The procedure remains the same – first you wash your face then apply the toothpaste with salt in it. Then you let it for a few minutes dry out and at the end you massage it gently so that you remove all the blackheads from the pores and your face. When you finish with the massage, and wash your face, at the end you should apply some moisturizer especially if you have dry skin.

Don’t forget that it is very important for your face to stay moist during the whole treatment. Instead of salt you can use baking soda. After you are done with the treatment, don’t forget to rub the affected area with an ice cube. This will close the pores and prevent bacteria from entering into your skin.

We warmly suggest using this excellent homemade treatment that will easily and painlessly solve the problem with blackheads. This method is easy, simple and most importantly – incredibly efficient!

Source: Healthy Recipes Home

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