Stop Cow Killing! Act Now And Be The Voice!

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Animal abuse and cruelty do not only apply to domestic animals, such as dogs and cats. It also includes pigs, goats, and others. One of the most brutal animal slaughters is cow killing. Many products are made from cows and that’s what we focus on here.

Vegetarians are alright and safe to drink milk from cows. Vegans are much stricter as they would go for plant-based dairy, so instead of cow or goat milk they’d opt for soy milk. Some vegetarians do prefer soy milk too. There’s no issue regarding the consumption of milk from cow. Other things that involve cows are nasty and unethical because people must kill those innocent animals.

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Cow meat, which is popularly called as beef, is a very common food to non-vegetarians. Those who rely on plant based foods find it disgusting as they’re not only 100% safe, but also have to go through the process of chopping, slicing, and I mean can you actually fathom all that? You are taking lives of animals without even letting them put a fight, and that’s sad in the meat industry.

Stop Cow Killing

According to statistics, there are over half a million of young cows that have been slaughter within a span of a single year. How much more cows to kill to have beef and leather?

Stop cow killing should be the advocacy of people who really care for cows and animals in general. This campaign involves the zero tolerance of products made from cow. It means you stay away from buying beef, using leather clothes or furniture, etc. You also have to report ruthless slaughtering, especially illegal ones.

Would you be one of the few people who are going to commit themselves protecting animals including cow killing? If yes is your answer, then do the right ways to stop this abuse.

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