The 5 Kidney Damage Symptoms You Are Most Likely To Ignore!

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The body of a human is a system which only functions if all the organs work perfectly. If some body organ does not function properly, there are certain health problems.

In this article you can read about symptoms and signs which indicate kidney damage. The kidneys are vital organs which are responsible for the elimination of waste. Therefore, if the kidneys are not functioning perfectly, toxins are going to accumulate in the body.

The 5 Kidney Damage Symptoms You Are Most Likely To Ignore!

Here are the symptoms:

Lower Back Pain

One of the most usual signs of damaged and unhealthy kidneys is lower back pain. This pain manifests on one side at the beginning but after some time, it can be felt on both sides. This is an early sign of kidney damage and it should not be ignored.

Urination Patterns

Certain changes in the urinary pattern like unfamiliar or odd odor, darker or paler appearance or increased or reduced frequency can be a sign of damaged kidneys. Furthermore, if you feel pain during urination or if the urine becomes foamy all of a sudden you need to see a doctor instantly. Another warning sign is blood in the urine. Variations in the urinary patterns are a sign of grave kidney issue in general.

Swelling in a number of body parts

Kidneys’ main function is to eliminate extra fluid and waste from the body. If the kidneys are not working properly and do not eliminate the waste from the body effectively, it might lead to swelling or edema.

These fluids can build up in the face, legs, ankles, hands, and feet. In grave cases, edema can be developed in the lungs and heart as well.

Skin problems

The accumulation of waste in the blood can lead to dryness, severe itching and rashes if the kidneys fail to eliminate the waste from the bloodstream.

This issue should be taken seriously since it is an early indication of kidney damage. You can use various natural ingredients, OTC, prescription, and topical treatments for the skin problems but these do not solve the underlying problem.

Oxygen failure

One of the most important kidneys’ function is to produce erythropoietin. This is crucial for the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen. Deficiency of red blood cells can lead to iron deficiency or anemia. Low levels of iron can make a person feel cold somewhere warm and it can also cause fatigue and chronic weakness.

Oxygen is very important for the human body and if it is not properly transported, a number of systems suffer from it.

Causes of kidney damage

The prime cause of kidney damage is cadmium, which is a heavy metal. This heavy metal is generally found in phosphate fertilizers which infect the food we eat. Smokers inhale cadmium into the lungs directly and this is the reason to quit smoking immediately.

Improve your kidneys’ function

  • Start exercise
  • Do not smoke
  • Drink cranberry juice
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Drink herbal teas such as Goldenrod blossoms, Burdock, Juniper Berries and Horsetail. These teas support kidney function.
  • Avoid cadmium

Source: www.healthiestalternative.com

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