The Best Natural Remedy For Kidney Stones

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The answer regarding the best and most effective natural remedy for kidney stones is what we will discuss in here. If you or any of your loved ones has this particular health issue, then you can find relief with these great choices of natural cures.

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First and foremost, our kidneys have important function in the body. Toxins and other pollutants are stored in this pair of organ. They also remove impurities from the blood stream. If there are stones in one of the kidneys, those impurities won’t be exterminated. This can cause a more serious problem. Plus, kidneys become dysfunctional. You will have difficulty urinating, which can be very painful, and worse, life-threatening.

There are various natural remedies to treat or eradicate kidney stones. They are effective and reliable to use. But the question is which among them is the best natural remedy for kidney stones?

1. Watermelon

Its high water content is not the only reason that makes this a great remedy against kidney stones. It’s also rich of potassium salts that help get rid of stones.

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2. Pomegranate Juice

This juice is also beneficial to people with kidney stones. They are recommended to drink the juice of this fruit, including the seeds which can be blended.

Kidney Stone

3. Dandelion Root

For years, this has been used to treat kidney stones. It doesn’t only treat kidney stone problem, but also cleanse urinary tract

4. Celery

Add more celery to your foods, because this helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. It can also reduce related symptoms, including pain.


Kidney Stone Treatment

5. Basil

Basil is mostly used as garnish in dishes and even baked goods. This tiny vegetable, more commonly known as herb, can be also used for tea. So drink more basil tea or add some to your favorite herbal tea to reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Other effective natural cures are:
1. Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar with olive oil
2. Horsetail
3. Kidney Beans
4. Grapes
5. Water, of course

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