The Quintessential Guide On How To Stop Hating Yourself And Embrace Yourself

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There are a surprising number of people who aren’t comfortable with themselves. Okay, that was a pretty mild way of putting this. Let’s try again – there are a surprisingly large number of people who absolutely hate themselves, and find a perennial source of reasons to continue doing so. They constantly seek validation from others as a means of boosting their self-esteem, and because this validation is usually superficial and manipulative, they fall deeper into the hole that is their self-loathing.

Even Kanye West, who is the poster-boy for self-obsession, said in one of his songs that he uses “Instagram comments to crowd-source (his) self esteem” (sic).

A lot of contemporary factors have convinced us that we are not good enough for anything, which has only sought to increase the dissatisfaction we feel for ourselves. This has more psychological repercussions than you can imagine, and it is absolutely imperative to not hate yourself because the only person who is going to get affected (in the wrong way) is you.

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