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The Ultimate 2-Ingredient Tea to Drink When You're Stressed
Between paying the bills, working long hours, and all the other responsibilities of modern life, it’s no wonder most Americans have stress levels way above what researchers consider “healthy.” Feeling anxious is inevitable—letting it ruin your mental and physical health isn’t.

Wrapping your hands around a hot beverage is a wonderful way to wind down after a long day. Our favorite way to relax? Sipping on this easy lavender-orange herbal tea.

Lavender has been used for centuries to combat anxiety and stress. Just like aromatherapy, the fragrant steam off this hot drink will relax your body and mind.

Fresh orange slices aren’t just for flavor, either—citrus is not only beneficial for reducing anxiety, but studies have also shown that people with higher levels of vitamin C bounce back more easily from stressful situations.

A few tips for the best brew possible: Make sure you use food-grade dried lavender flowers. Go organic with all the ingredients to eliminate the chance of distilling any pesticide residue into your tea.

Make brewing a batch of this tea part of your weekly routine. If you get tired of the flavor, swap in slices of lemon, tangerine, or even grapefruit. Adding a bit of chamomile will also help change things up—and it comes with it’s own health benefits. For iced tea, brew a large batch and chill it in the fridge before serving.

Lavender-Orange Tea

Yield: 1 serving
Total Time: 5 minutes


8 ounces water (preferably distilled)
2 teaspoons dried lavender flowers
1-2 fresh orange slices
1 teaspoon honey, optional


In small saucepan, combine water and lavender flowers. Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and strain with a fine-mesh sieve. Serve with fresh orange slices and honey.

Source: thrivemarket

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