This Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Paste Will Reverse Gum Disease, Swelling, And Kill Bacteria

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Having beautiful healthy teeth can greatly improve your confidence in the presence of your family, friends and colleagues.

Even in the midst of total strangers a warm smile accompanied with whiter teeth can go a long way in enhancing your relationship.

There seems to be a renewed awareness in the relevance of natural remedies in fighting gum disease, bacteria causing mouth odor and swelling.

Issues with commercial whiteners

Commercial whiteners promise strong and white teeth. But very few understand that off-the-counter whiteners come with certain risks.

These risks to your oral health include:

  • Persistent toothaches
  • Yellowing of teeth
  • Aggravated gum irritation
  • Oral infections and/or disease
  • Brittle teeth
  • Translucent teeth
  • Receding gum

Many teeth whiteners work really well short-term. Long-term use of these products can cause serious problems that are seriously not worth the temporary satisfaction.

But don’t worry; mother nature has you covered and can help you get that shiny smile you’ve always wanted. The answer to whiter teeth is in your pantry, more specifically, a spice called Turmeric.

So What is Turmeric?

This is a natural spice that is golden in colour and is often used in making mustard and curry.

Now don’t be alarmed by its color! While admittedly turmeric will stain your fabrics and clothes it comes in contact with – yellow; it will do wonders for your teeth and gums.

How to Make Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Paste


  • Coconut oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Turmeric powder – 2 capsules worth of turmeric powder (about ½ -1 tsp)
  • Peppermint oil – little quantity


  1. Mix the ingredients to a perfect blend
  2. Wet your toothbrush with some water and dip it into the mixture
  3. Brush your teeth normally just as you would with regular toothpaste
  4. Let it sit for about 3-5 minutes
  5. Spit and rinse your mouth well
  6. Daily use is recommended until desired results are achieved

If you follow these instructions properly you will notice an immediate improvement in your teeth’s whiteness and the health of your gums.

Health Benefits of Brushing With Turmeric

Using natural solutions for your teeth and for your overall oral health is always preferable because the benefits of going natural always seem to get better and better every day.

With what we know now and what extensive research seem to be uncovering daily, it seems that it is always better to stick with natural solutions rather than commercial ones.

Caring for toothaches and oral infections

Turmeric has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help to fight off oral infections and plaque causing bacteria that cause toothache and embarrassing mouth odor.

Irritation and redness of gums

Turmeric offers its users with excellent protection thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that help to combat redness and irritation of the gums.

Source: Your Healthy Page

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