Drink It In The Morning To Help With Rheumatoid Arthritis – Fibromyalgia – Lupus – And Multiple Sclerosis.

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Thyme is a precious herb from the mint family. It is very popular in aromatherapy since it possesses numerous healing properties. It is also widely used as a culinary herb due to its distinctive taste.

It has been used since ancient times for different purposes.

The Romans grew thyme for bee culture, the purification of rooms and to add flavor to liqueurs and cheese.

  • Ancient Greek temples were scented with thyme incense and Egyptians favored the fragrant plant for embalming.
  • Valiant knights were given thyme for courage in the Middle ages and sprigs were placed in bedrooms and under pillows to ward off depression.

Long before the discovery of modern medicine, crushed thyme was placed on bandages to promote wound healing and ward off infection.

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