3 Tips to Prevent Back Pain

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Everyone needs to take preventive measures and learn how to prevent lower back pain in order to carry on with their work effortlessly. In a recent survey, it has been estimated that Americans spend more than $50bn a year for treating back pain. Back pain is also the most common cause for missing office. Most people suffer from back pain as they have bad sitting postures in their office and do not stretch their tensed back muscle. With a little care you can avoid back pain by following the things which have been explained below.


Start doing yoga every day

Researchers from Washington University found out that back pain can be avoided if the muscle stress is reduced and blood circulation in the area is improved. Yoga is the only exercise which removes back pain by stretching the body and relaxing the muscles thru its deep breathing process. The best way to learn yoga is thru the help of a yoga instructor. Also, do consult your doctor before starting on your yoga regime.

Meditate for a few minutes daily

Most people consider meditation to be a very difficult process. But under the guidance of a trained person you can learn meditation and control your stress and the back pain related to it. One simple method that you can observe is undertaking deep breathing and concentrating on the breathing process. This would help you to relax immensely. You can do these deep breathing cycles in a set of three and gradually build it up as you become comfortable with it.

Prevent Back Pain

Forgive people who have been unkind to you

Duke University Medical Center researchers have found out a simple fact that people who forgive lead a better quality of life than other people who hold grudges and do not forgive easily. James W Carson one of the senior researchers mention as we conserve negative energy in our body, our muscles get stressed and we suffer from pain. If you let go of this negativity you would enjoy better life minus back pain.

Source: webhealthwatch

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