UNBELIEVABLE – On Thursday Her Body Weight Was 72 kg and on Saturday – 67 Kilograms

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In this article we present the way she managed to lose 5 kilograms in only 3 days. Parsley is a magnificent ingredient which is highly beneficial in the fight against kidney disease and various urinary issues because it is a great diuretic.

This plant is amazingly beneficial for the human`s body and both its root and leaves can be used as a remedy. We usually consume it in our everyday diet, but in small amounts which are certainly not enough for removing the excess fluids out of the body.


There are more ways to make parley tea. Many people are amazed by its effects, and one of our readers wrote: “Parsley is a miracle. On Thursday I had 72 kg, and on Saturday 5 kg less. The most important thing is the accumulated fluid that was removed from my body, rather than the fat I lost.”

The recipe is very simple

Put 1 liter of water to boil, and add 5 tablespoons of chopped parsley in it.

Let it stay for about 20 minutes. Drink it together with the parsley or strain in order to remove the bits.

  • Our reader says: I was drinking the tea due to kidney issues, while I was advised to drink “Uvin” tea.
  • I felt better from the Uvin tea, but I couldn’t remove the excess fluids from my body. Since I replaced Uvin tea with parsley tea, I had the best results.

You can drink parsley tea chilled or warm

Feel free to drink the tea whenever you want during the day, except in the evenings in order to avoid urinating in the night. Since this tea stimulates exertion of fluids from the body, it will make you urinate more often. With urination, you also remove bacteria, toxins and other damaging substances from your body. Make sure you don’t exaggerate in the consumption of this tea, i.e. don’t drink more than 1 liter a day.

Ancient nations used parsley as a remedy, and nowadays it has taken its place in the medicine as well. Ancient Romans believed that chewing parsley can boost your intellectual abilities and perception.

Source: Health Online Central

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