Water Recipe That Removes the Fat Quickly! See!

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Maybe you have heard about “Fat Flush Water”, but do you know how that works, how does the water flushes the fat from our body? The water is not some miracle solution or magic potion for all those who want to lose weight. The body needs water to keep hydrated enough for normal functioning. The water is also essential to cleanse the body of toxins and some other undesirable materials. It is proven that the fat deposits in the body are hard to eliminate, but with the help of proper exercise and good nutrition, it can be flushed out.

Fat Flush Water

The water is like the primary vehicle in the removal of fats out of the body. The leftover materials from the fats is flushed out of the system by the water we drink. Then the water carries the toxins to the bladder and from there they are removed from the body through urination. The whole body functions like a well-oiled machine and the water serves like a lubricant. You should consume about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day in order to ensure that the body can function excellent. Here you can see a recipe for making highly-energizing dose of this water.


2 liters water(पानी)
1 piece medium, sliced cucumber(खीरा)
1 tsp freshly grated ginger(कसा हुआ अदरक)
12 pieces spearmint leaves(पुदीना की पत्तियां)
1 piece sliced lemon(कटा हुआ नींबू)


Mix the ingredients in a pitcher, refrigerate and then drink the water throughout the whole next day. You should use organic products. If you can’t find organic products, make sure to wash them completely before you add them to the water. Enjoy!

Source: beautyhealthpage

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