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 Weight Loss and Control is an important factor for all women today. We are addicted to burgers, sandwiches, baked cakes and cookies and forget about fat and high calories getting from it. When it comes holding your body fit, it’s calories that count. You have to burn calories with work and your regular routine. Do you know, you can control your weight by drinking proper liquids available to you at home? Yes, liquids, juices, tea etc play an important role to burn calories. Here on this page we will see 5 weight loss drinks by which all women can have a fit figure.

weight loss tipsWeight Loss Drinks for Women’s

Cold Water

You can burn up to an extra 100 calories per day drinking ice cold water because. Your body has to burn calories (or fat) in order to heat the ice cold water back up to your body temperature. So, it’s an easy trick for slim down. Also, water before meals makes you eat less & melt off faster. So, it is important to remember that water is the best choice for effective weight loss.

Vegetable juice

Homemade vegetable juice is an excellent way to get the fiber and nutrients your body needs to fuel your weight loss. Remember that the veggies will keep you fuller and longer. According to a study, drinking a glass of vegetable juice before your meals may cause you to eat 135 lesser calories.

Green Tea

Do you drink tea? Better to drink unsweetened tea. Yes, drinking tea’s can be best choices to reduce fat and loose bodyweight. You can have green tea, black tea or oolong tea to burn 30 to 40% more fat daily drinking 3 to 5 cups. Green tea contains caffeine which increases your fat burning metabolism and flushes out excess water. Green tea has been proven to help boost metabolism and speed up slimming rate.


Milk is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and vitamin D. It helps to build your muscles and keep your bones strong. Opt for low-fat or skim milk for all of the vitamins without the added fat. Adding milk to your diet can help you cut down bodyweight faster as it is rich in calcium which suppresses calcitriol and appetite which is a hormone that basically makes you fatter.


Caffeine suppresses hunger. Caffeine in coffee suppresses your appetite & increases metabolism. Coffee has been shown to stimulate thermogenesis, which heats up the body and boosts metabolism. Better to use skim milk in coffee with very less sugar content.

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