What Do Animal Rights And Vegetarianism Have in Common? This Will Shock You!

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All kinds of animals have rights – to live, eat, sleep, and be treated with respect. Both animal rights and vegetarianism go hand in hand.

Some people are so close to dogs yet they are afraid of snakes, crocodiles, and even spiders that they beat them until they’re dead. If they see people beating dogs, they’d help in a second without even thinking twice. It’s kind of hypocrite to have differences in the way we treat animals. If you love dog, then you should also treat the same to other types of animals. It’s not to adopt them and share the same house, but it’s a good thing to not hurt them at least.

Animal rightsImage Source: bharatabharati

Vegetarians can also have differences in their reasons why they eat only plant-based foods. Keep in mind that this is also about staying away from meat, which comes from animals. You may not directly protect animals but being zero tolerant about such things like this works the same way. It’s actually an indirect campaign against animal cruelty and abuse. So following a vegetarian diet is basically helping animals with their rights.


Not eating meat and eggs should not be the only way you help protect animals. It’s also important that you observe other “don’ts”, such as avoiding leather-made products and skipping zoo visits.

It’s not also a bad idea to make your own campaign in public. Protesting, running for awareness, and raising money are some great activities to voice regarding what animals need to keep them protected.

Remember that animals rights and vegetarianism are two different things but define love for one’s self and others.

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