What Does Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality?

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Your nails can tell a lot about your personality. There are six main types of nail shapes.


This is the hottest nail trend nowadays. Usually, they are long, with a sharp point. People who love this nail trend are brave and fashion is their passion. They don`t mind being the center of attention.

What Does Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality


These people want to experiment with their style and always want to try something new.


Similar to stiletto nails, just a bit rounded. These people are modern, choose quality rather than quantity, and dislike anything out dated or vintage.


These people do not care much about fashion and trends. They put little effort in looking good. Also, they love wearing t-shirts and jeans.


This is the most common and the most appropriate nail style since it is suits almost everyone. These people do not like experiments and trying new thing.

Also, rarely do these nails catch somebody`s attention.


It is between square and oval. These people wear classic clothes and do not like taking risks.

Next time, take a close look at somebody`s nails since nails can tell a lot about a person.

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