What happens when you don’t wash your hair everyday – These 11 absurd things.

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Swish swish. Throw back. Thick, glistening tresses. Uhm, no, not always what you get when you wash your hair everyday. People generally differ on which practice is better – some say washing more often is damaging, others speak of the volume it gives your locks. So, to put an end to this discussion once and for all, Romper had a brainwave. It’s article by Ni’kesia Pannell speaks of everything, good and bad, that goes with this topic. 11 points in all. Here goes!

1. It Loses Volume

According to Marie Claire, not washing your hair daily will take away volume.

Your hair will collect excess styling products, which will weigh it down and cause it to lose its buoyancy.

2. Your Hair Will Look Thinner

For women with thinner hair, not washing your mane daily will make it look thinner, Bustle noted. Women with fine hair run the risk of their hair sticking together resulting in thinner looking hair.

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