Why Am I So Tired – And How To Fix

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No amount of sleep seems to alleviate some kinds of fatigue. These could be due to numerous imbalances like, compromised systems in our body due to illness, heredity, stress, lifestyle, etc. According to Chinese medicine, improper flow of energies and abnormal processing of fluids within the body, are other reasons. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicines can be of huge help.

A very common complaint that acupuncturists hear from our patients is that they constantly feel tired. Sometimes this fatigue is related to lack of sleep, but sometimes no amount of rest seems to alleviate the sleepiness.

From an acupuncture and Chinese Medicine perspective, there are numerous imbalances in our bodies that can cause the constant fatigue. Here are some of the most common imbalances that can lead to fatigue, lethargy, lack of energy and motivation, and tiredness.

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