Why the traditional 40-day confinement is important after childbirth

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Kareena Kapoor Khan decided not to follow her 40-day postnatal confinement, our omniscient community of Indian mothers gave her hell for it. We took the stand that each mother has the right to make her own choice, with her doctor’s advice, on how she recuperates after childbirth. On the whole, though, if you haven’t been as fit in the past as Kareena herself is known to be, it makes sense to heed traditional views on this matter, as CureJoy illustrates in its article:

Your body efficiently prepares itself for the natural process of birth-from being a chalice to holding a tiny life to birthing a completely developed human into the world.

Every single change that you go through inside as well as on the outside, shows the extent to which your body transforms to reproduce.

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