Why Walking Is Better Than Running?

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Walking is a great exercise for those who are just starting to workout or for those with health problems. Also, for the significantly overweight, walking can be less stressful on the body. An important factor to consider when looking at the difference between running and walking, is that because of the repetitive nature of running, the risk of injury is greater. Running is considered high impact exercise. This can cause injury to the hip, knee and ankle joints. Walking is a low impact activity and is less damaging to the body.

Why Walking Is Better Than Running

While walking is easier on your hip and knee joints, you should still do lunges or squats twice a week. The RealAge benefit of 10,000 steps a day is feeling 4.6 years younger for women and 4.1 for men. You can even find ways to fit walking in while you work, such as a walking meeting or a treadmill desk.

Source: thescienceofeating

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