Why Your Limbs – Fall Asleep – Or – Get Tickly – Every Now & Then?

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Imagine this – You are lying curled up on the sofa watching reruns of your favorite show and before you realize it, one episode follows another and you’re nearly done with the season. Attempting to get up after this can be quite a struggle, especially if you experience that uncomfortable tingling sensation in your legs that is familiar to most of us. You hop around on one foot trying to get rid of those thousand pinpricks. But what is really going on when your limbs ‘fall asleep’?

The Science Behind ‘Pins And Needles’

“Sitting in the same position for a prolonged period causes compression of nerves in body parts subject to pressure, disrupting nerve signals from those areas to the brain”

Known in the medical world as ‘ paresthesia ‘, the heavy tingling feeling is actually the result of a combination of blockage of neural passages and compression of the arteries. 

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