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This is a statement of a woman. Skip this post if you do not want to read about vaginal infections.garlicI recently had a vaginal infection and went to the doctor.

He gave me all sorts of preparations, to drink, compress or creams….and that the infection began to withdraw.

However, after a month, the infection occurred again, and it was worse.

I did not know what to do so I started looking on the internet for a solution.

Then I saw a cure of a woman who had even a stronger infection, and garlic helped her.

I thought, “Yuck! Garlic in my vagina? No chance.”

Time passed, and the infection worsened.

I decide to try it with garlic.

After my experience, I always advise the girls to take a shower after sexual relations to avoid infection, and if you already have problems with infection, try to resolve this in a way that I did it.


Peel a clove of garlic, pull thread through it and tie well. Put it inside the vagina as it was a buffer. Change it every 8-12 hours.

And do it until the infection is completely disappear, and it’s about a couple of days, depending on the infection.

Source: Cuisine & Health

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