Work hard, play hard to beat the stress!

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Stress is inevitable! It is something we have very little control over.

Dr Gowri from DocsApp, puts it metaphorically, “stress is like getting a bad haircut. Once you have it, you just have to keep it; you can’t change the way your hair looks. but you can always do little things which can make your haircut seem not as bad and over time, your hair will grow back and everything in the world will be fine again.”

From running late for work to planning for our careers, everything has chunks of stress attached to it and these chunks eventually form mountains and in no time, you find yourself stuck under the Everest of stress.

Did you know? Even machines like laptops get stressed. That’s when they start acting crazy and slow and eventually we have to restart them. That one click on the restart button is a stress buster for your laptops, Dr Gowri said.

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