You’ll Pay More For These Foods If Trump Taxes Mexican Imports

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Since the new president of the United States Donald Trump, entered the White House, many people couldn’t be more thrilled about it and others feared about the things that Trump has been promising ever since he was a candidate. According to the New York Times report, Trump is planning to add a tax of 20% on every Mexican export which enters the States.

What’s the plan?

Well, first of all, it’s no secret that Trump had some plans regarding building up a wall which will affect people in general and not to mention the economy. Secondly, this will also create an unfriendly situation between the two countries.

As the White House Press Secretary stated, this decision about putting taxes on the Mexican products will only raise $10 billion per year, which will be a great compensation for the building of the wall which is expected to cost something around $8 billion and $20 billion.

However, the Mexican president is strongly against this plan stating that the Mexican nation will not allow such thing.

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